Innen - Aussen - Anders
Der Körper im Werk von Gilles Deleuze und Michel Foucault

Im Werk von Gilles Deleuze und Michel Foucault sind Körper und Körperlichkeit zentrale Aspekte, die in diesem Band erstmalig vergleichend in den Fokus gerückt werden. Die Beiträger_innen stellen die Entwürfe beider Denker zur Ästhetik und Ethik als Reflexionen der Beziehung zwischen Körper und Bild vor und betonen die Verkettungen von Körper, Macht und Ästhetik. Gleichzeitig werden spezifische Fragen der jüngeren Deleuze- und Foucault-Forschung angesprochen. Der interdisziplinäre Band bietet Wissenschaftler_innen aus Philosophie und Kunstgeschichte sowie den Medien- und Kulturwissenschaften einen thematischen Überblick und weiterführende Lektüre.

Drews / Martin, Inhalt und Einleitung >pdf download

Ann-Cathrin Drews/Katharina D. Martin (Hg.) (2017): Innen – Außen – Anders. Körper im Werk von Gilles Deleuze und Michel Foucault. Bielefeld: transcript.

9. April 2016 at 22.00

Debate Feminism & New Materialism with Jules Sturm and Katharina D. Martin | Wijsgerig Festival Drift

Considering that there seems to be a third party to any conceptual binary, a disruption to any normality, an exception to any universality: how to be respectful rather than prejudiced, how to be pleasantly surprised rather than shocked at the eccentric? This is tonight’s conundrum. Jules Sturm and Katharina D. Martin shall be talking about how a political philosophy of egalitarian and emancipatory contestation, feminism, aims at explicating and thereby politicizing what makes up the content of our experiences: bodies – matter – materials. | Felix Meritis | Keizersgracht 324 | 1016 EZ Amsterdam

Debate transcript >pdf download

Martin, Katharina D./Sturm, Jules/Schilpzand Sigmund B. (2017): Jules Sturm en Katharina D. Martin, Feminism & New Materialism. Debate transcript. In: Rosa de Jong (ed.): In staat tot natuur, philosophical festival DRIFT 2016. Amsterdam: Merlijn Olnon Publicis, pp. 114–136.

1. February 2016 at 10.45

From Signification towards Affect.
Faciality in Orson Welles' "The Lady from Shanghai”.

Lecture by Katharina D. Martin | Date: 1st February 2016 at 10.45 | Location: AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design | Room 0.53

This lecture is as much an analyses of certain aspects in Orson Welles’ “The Lady from Shanghai”, as it is an introduction to the philosophical concepts of faciality, developed by the French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. To embed their theories into the necessary context, there will be given a rudimentary introduction to semiotics: The study of meaning-making. Katharina D. Martin will elaborate on notions like: signifier, signified, signification and sign, to then clarify the notion of the 'machine of faciality' and its effect within Orson Welles' work. The lecture will be followed by the screening of "The Lady from Shanghai".

29. June - 01. July 2015

Daughters of Chaos: Discipline, Practice, a Life
8th Deleuze Studies International Conference | Stockholm

‘Daughters of chaos’ describes the filial role with which Gilles Deleuze and his collaborator Félix Guattari have anointed the disciplines of philosophy, science and art, suggesting that disciplinary formations and their respective practices enable us to make sense of the diverse cultural and natural phenomena of local environments in relation to collective global concerns. “In short,” Deleuze and Guattari explain “chaos has three daughters, depending on the plane that cuts through it: these are the chaoids – art, science, and philosophy – as forms of thought or creation.”

Confirmed Invited Speakers: Gary Genosko; Lisa Mazzei; Simon O’Sullivan; Adrian Parr; Daniel W. Smith; Fredrika Spindler.

The Daughters of Chaos Deleuze Studies International Conference 2015 will take place at Konstfack: University College of Arts and Crafts ( south of the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden. |

17. - 21. February 2015

IX. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ästhetik
Techne – poiesis – aisthesis.
Technik und Techniken in Kunst und ästhetischer Praxis

Universität Hamburg |

13. - 14. November 2014

Conference | Critical and Clinical Cartographies |
Department of Architecture TU Delft

The critical [...] and the clinical [...] may be destined to enter into a new relationship of mutual learning. [...] In place of a dialectic which all too readily perceives the link between opposites, we should aim for a critical and clinical appraisal able to reveal the truly differential mechanisms as well as the artistic originalities. (Deleuze, 1967)

The ambition of the 3C conference is to rethink medical and design pedagogies in the context of digital technologies. Cyber-physical technologies, a current locus of architectural and medical practices, assist the shift from the physical body to embodiment. Long after its impact on medical practices, digitalisation further challenges the ecological, economic and aesthetic habits of the architectural milieu.

Speaker: N. Katherine Hayles, Robert Babuska, Keith Evan Green, Antoine Picon, Christian Girard, Jenny Dankelman, Kas Oosterhuis, Sjoerd van Tuinen, Frans C. T. van der Helm,

Paper by Katharina D. Martin: Augmented Reality: An Optical Dimension: A Membrane

Host: Theory Section and Hyperbody, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, The Netherlands. Organising Committee: Heidi Sohn, Henriette Bier, Andrej Radman, Stavros Kousoulas and Jasper Schaap

3. - 5. September 2014

Utrecht University | Philosophy After Nature
The Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy| Joint Annual Conference

The SEP/FEP conference is the largest annual event in Europe that aims to bring together researchers, teachers and others, from different disciplines, interested in all areas of contemporary European philosophy. This year’s theme will be Philosophy After Nature, with speakers engaging with notions of critique, science, ecology, technology and subjectivity as bound up with conceptions of nature, while experimenting with various positions in contemporary thought.

Michel Serres, Mark B. N. Hansen, Rahel Jaeggi und Françoise Balibar.

On Fri. 5th Sep. 11.00-13.00 Panel 3.3: NEW MATERIALISM | Room C
Pamela Mackenzie – ‘The Fourth Kingdom: Ascension of the Plastisphere’
Katharina D. Martin – ‘The Digital Milieus and Their Material Entanglement’
Paul Rekret – ‘Material Entanglements and the Question of Separation’-
Petra Klusmeyer – ‘Sound and Time’

Conference committee:
Rosi Braidotti, Bert van den Brink, Rick Dolphijn, Iris van der Tuin and Paul Ziche.

19 - 21 March 2014

Symposium: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Keynotes speakers: Georges Didi-Huberman - Jonathan Hay - Jacques Rancière

Katharina D. Martin: White Wall and Black Hole: Micropolitics of the Undetectable Face.

The aim of this symposium is to contribute to our understanding of what the image does (its pragma). The awkward entanglement of being and non-being (Plato) calls for an examination of the image as an act or event. Through its event, the image-act instigates an image-related reflection upon the issues of being and non-being, physis and semiosis, actuality and potentiality. The concept of iconic difference as coined by art historian and philosopher Gottfried Boehm is vital to our concern. Iconic difference embraces an internal effect in the formation of images as an entanglement of being and non-being, matter/perception, imagination/representation, but also externally in the relations between images, language, and concepts.

Today, educational institutions within the fields of art, design, and architecture may no longer simply approach image making intuitively, but are requested to engage in a dialogue with academic research and science. Such primarily verbal discourse may, at best, support rather than suppress insights into the unique potentials of the image. Yet a prolific dialogue would not sustain the identity of the image as an already established reality (as re-presentation), but moreover articulate the particular behaviours of the image.

WHAT IMAGES DO follows upon the work of an international research network established in 2012 in collaboration between NCCR Iconic Criticism `eikones´ in Basel, TU Delft, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The network and its activities are funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities (FKK).

12 March 2014

ALEPH; Autonomous Laboratory for the Exploration of Progressive Heuristics, at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague

ALEPH is a cross-academic, multi-disciplinary initiative which aspires to connect scholars and students to their research and education in a radically different way. This laboratory will be providing a social platform for connectivity and exchange, challenging its participants to gain from and contribute to a constant flux of knowledge, insight, art, experiment, text, design and production.

5 MARCH 2014 10.00 -11.00
by Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen

12 MARCH 2014 10.00 -11.00
By Katharina D. Martin

26 MARCH 2014 12.00 -13.00
(to be confirmed) By Sjoerd van Tuinen

2 APRIL 2014 12.00 -13.00
By Agenieszka Anna Wolodzko

9 APRIL 2014 16.00 - 18.00
with Marc Boumeester, Andrej Radman,Ellemieke van Vliet, Renske Maria van Dam

Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague - ALEPH

26 Jan - 07 March 2014

“All attitudes, all the shapeliness, all the belongings”
(Walt Whitman, I sing the Body Electric)

Berry Koedam // RAM gallery // RAM foundation //

Main Room: Karin Arink - Talent Room: Masha Ru Video Room: Karin Arink & Renée Kool, Katharina D. Martin - The Wall: Charlotte Schleiffert - The Safe: Benjamin Li - Art & Bookspace: Artist Books - All Spaces: Bianca van Breejen, Otto Egberts, Robin Kolleman, Sandim Mendes, Johan Tahon, Aline Thomassen, Nadine van Veldhuizen, Fiet van de Vijzel

OPENING 26.01.2014 17:00u/h door KEES WEEDA - voormalig algemeen secretaris Raad voor Cultuur. Adres: van Vollenhovenstraat 14, 3016 BH, Rotterdam - RAM foundation

Nov 18 - Dec 01, 2013

Inside. Outside. Other.
The body in the work of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault
International Conference // Academy of fine Arts Münster

Both Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault were intensely engaged with aspects of the body. In particular, their critical drafts of aesthetics as much as their political thinking are based on conceptions of the body and corporeality.

Deleuze's body is flexible, fleshy and abstract at the same time. Following Spinoza, in asking what the body can do, he unfolds his theory of becoming, becoming animal, becoming other. The potentiality of the body is revealed here as being in a state of nomadism and constant transformation. Together with Guattari he develops the concept of the “Body without Organs”, as an event through which hierarchies and codes are dissolved.

Foucault first of all attends to the body within his analytical investigations of power relations. In his late works and under the heading of an “Aesthetics of Existence“ he reformulates his thematic constellation between subject, truth and power. In the context of his reception of antique technologies of the self, the materiality of the bodily comes to the fore and leads to a revision of thinking alterity.

The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to examine the significance of the body in Deleuze’s and Foucault’s works. This is particularly relevant in view of the intellectual exchange between the two philosophers. Specifically this event provides the possibility of tracing connections and contrasts between the two thinkers’ conceptions of the bodily and thereby complement the existing reception.

Referent_Innen: Jeanne Bindernagel (Leipzig) Claudia Blümle (Münster) Kerstin Borchhardt (Jena/Erfurt) Irene Breuer (Wuppertal) Kyla Bruff (Bonn) Pierre Buhlmann (Toulouse) Guillaume Collet (Kent) Christoph Dittrich (Köln) Ann-Cathrin Drews (Münster/Hamburg) Petra Gehring (Darmstadt) Jürgen Gunia (Münster) Jagoda Kamola (Heidelberg) Katharina D. Martin (Münster/Rotterdam) Marc Rölli (Istanbul/Zürich) Angelika Seppi (Wien) Anna Schober (Gießen) Piotrek Swiatkowski (Nijmegen) Sjoerd van Tuinen (Rotterdam) Eduarda Neves (Porto) Agnieszka A. Wolodzko (Leiden) Gastmoderation: Ingo Uhlig (Münster)

Conference organized by Ann-Cathrin Drews and Katharina D. Martin

21 September 2013 @ 17.00

BOOK LAUNCH at Gallery Joey Romone

With work by Alexander van Merle, Alexis Milne, Arjen van Krieken, Birgit Verwer, Christina Calbari, Cindy Jansen, Duro Toomato, Dwight H. Marica, Fotini Gouseti, Gavin Nolan, Gil & Moti, Hans van der Ham, Harm Weistra & Eddi Bal, Hernán Marina, Ieke Trinks, Jan Robert Leegte, Joris Kuipers, Katharina D. Martin, Kavecs Projects (Kostis Stafylakis, Vana Kostayola), Kiki Petratou, Mara Castilho, Marcel Niehof, Marie Louise Elshout, Midas Zwaan, Mike Ottink, Peter Buechler, Ricardo Estanislao Zulueta, Rob van der Hoeven, Rolf den Dunnen, Ruveanne Gerrissen, Saminte Ekeland, Sanne Luijben, Tjalling Visser, Toine Klaassen, Tomoo Gokita, Tonio de Roover, Wietse Eeken, Yasser Ballemans

Edited by Kiki Petratou, Designed by Heleen Schröder, Published by Uitgeverij Nadorst, Rotterdam, Printed and Bound by Veenman, Texts by Hugo Bongers, Freek Lomme, Kostis Stafylakis, Kiki Petratou, 248 pp, full color, ISBN 978-94-90338-00-8 NUR 604 | |  JOEY RAMONE, Josephstraat 166, 3014 TX Rotterdam |

27 June - 14 July 2013

Titanik Finland

At the mid-summer time Titanik gallery presents HeavyMerryFinland group show with Dutch contemporary artists. Welcome to the opening on Titanik gallery, Thursday 4.7. at 7 pm! The opening program includes e.g. Black Peider performance and Tero Juuti’s Tattoo Dictionary -hand tattoos for brave guests

Finnish artists participating in the exhibition: Annika Kivi, Anssi Kasitonni, Tero Juuti, Laura Lappi, Maria Stereo, Noora Federley, Jouna Karsi, Petteri Tikkanen, Ville Pirinen, One Love-artist group.

Dutch guests are Abner Preis, Atladottir & d'Ors, Daan de Houter, Jeroen Kuster, Katharina D. Martin, and V & B. - Itäinen Rantakatu - 820700 Turku -
ti-pe 12-18 - la-su 12-16 - Reception 04.07.2013

04 June 2013

we are the REAL doll
Graduation Show at the Kunstakademie Münster

Dear Friends and colleges, it is time to celebrate! On Tue the 4th of June at 20.00 I will show my graduation work. The reception will take place in the Foyer of the Kunstakademie Münster. Maybe you will be in the neighborhood and like to pass by. It would be a pleasure to seeing you there! | Kunstakademie Münster | Leonardo Campus 2 | D-48149 Münster

19 January - 16 February 2013

A show by TINKEBELL. & Friends

Photo Eva Wolfs

With: Chantal Rens - Josine Beugels _ Ashley Zelinskie -
Anje Roosjen - Suzan Kolen - Katharina D. Martin - TINKEBELL.

Opening: Zaterdag 19 Januari 17:00 – 19:00

TORCH gallery welcomes the new year with GIRLS RULE THE WORLD. For this group exhibition TINKEBELL. invited female artworld friends she admires to send her their very best works. The exhibition isn't meant to be a feminist statement, but should rather function as proof that women often empower each other. TINKEBELL. feels that this is a phenomenon in need of greatly increased attention.

Several decades of women's emancipation haven't led to a proportionate regard for their art. Between anonymous home crafts and hysterical feminism there exists an enormous wealth of very relevant art by female artists. For this art to become more visible these artists will have to claim the stage themselves with courage and powerful works. With this in mind all the participating artists will choose their most typical and outspoken pieces for the exhibition. The result is a presentation that includes a plethora of media and messages all serving a single cause. From embroidery to video-art; women deserve more attention in contemporary art!

Many of the exhibited pieces display a very personal, ironic style. They function as sharp observations from a confidently female perspective. Purposely an almost physical discomfort is created by making use of treacherously clumsy aesthetics and a threatening intimacy. All the candy-cane pink and sugar-sweet displays of Girl Power just form a seductive icing on the often confronting messages within these works. The presented pieces charm the spectator first, only to deliver them a nasty bite when they really start looking. The idea is to present a selection of art that convincingly holds the viewer's attention and delivers a strong message in an unorthodox way. All the artists participating can be linked to illustrious predecessors such as Tracy Emin and Sophie Calle. Luckily this exhibition will transcend the personal sphere and should be able to actually live up to its title. GIRLS RULE THE WORLD should be a confident statement, not a feeble wish.

TORCH GALLERY | Lauriergracht 94 - 1016 RN Amsterdam - The Netherlands -
T: 0031 (0)20 6260284 - open: Thurs/Fri/Sat 12.00-18.00 hrs. | Torch gallery

19 October - 01 November 2012

Kunsthalle Münster

The prize of the Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster e.V. is awarded annually at three students of the Münster Academy of Art and supported by the Westfälischen Provinzial insurance. The award combines a cash prize of 2,000, 1,500 and 1,000 euros. The prize exhibition gives an insight into the current developments of young contemporary art at the Art Academy Münster. The Professors of the Academy of Fine Arts nominate the artists from which a composite national jury will select the winners.

This annual Prize exhibition at the Kunsthalle Münster is the opportunity to see Martins new work Choreography for a coup d‘etat. The artist will be present at the opening and warmly invites to the opening at Fr 19.10. at 19:30

19.10. - 01.11.2012 | Münster, Kunsthalle, Hafenweg 28 |

13 May - 01 July 2012

achsen|sprung | Kunstverein Grütersloh

Zehn Studenten der fylmklasse Köpnick an der Kunstakademie Münster zeigen in zehn Räumen des Veerhoffhauses Videoinstallationen, -projektionen und -präsentationen, Klangkunst, Fotografien und Zeichnungen. | Alexandra Albrecht | Maria Bätge | Miriam Berger | Eunyong Cho | Jiwon Han | Sina Kihm | Yoonsuk Kim | Katharina D. Martin | Stefan Mensching | Michael Schröder

Eröffnung: 13. Mai 2012 | 15.30 Uhr im Bambi Kino mit einer Sound-Performance von Stefan Mensching und Filmprogramm der fylmklasse Köpnick | 16.30 Uhr im Veerhoffhaus Kunstverein Gütersloh | Begrüssung: Friedrich Wilhelm Schröder 1. Vorsitzender des Kunstvereins | Einführung: Prof. Andreas Köpnick Leiter fylmklasse Kunstakademie Münster | Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog mit Vinyl-Single. | 19. Mai, ab 19 Uhr Lange Nacht der Kunst 2012 | 3. Juni, 16.00 Uhr Künstlergespräch mit Prof. Köpnick und Studenten

Kunstverein Gütersloh e.V. | Hohenzolernstrasse 30 | 33330 GÜTERSLOH | Tel. 054113466 | | DO–FR, 15–19 UHR | SA–SO, 12–19 UHR

09 February - 10 March 2012

Attraction of the Opposites | CUCOSA

For the 2nd time Attraction of the opposites brings together 10 international galleries to co-exist under one roof in a curated exhibition. Attraction of the opposites centers the body and examines the multiple layers around it as they are shaped by the social structures that confront it. The exhibition explores concepts such as individuality, identity and the group, experience versus meaning.The exhibition –curated by Kiki Petratou- showcases new work of 15 artists working mainly in the fields of video-art and installation.

Opening: 9 February: 18.00 - 24.00 hrs | Finissage: 10 March 20.00 - 02.00 hrs | open Thu - Sa 12.00 - 18.00 hr | CUCOSA | Raampoortstraat 16 | 3032 AH Rotterdam

07 February 2012 | 6:30 pm

Katharina D. Martin | Salon ISCP New York

Katharina D. Martin will present on the performativ and virtual dimension in her art. Initially working in performance art, she developed an interdisciplinary way of working and continues to keep a constant vibration between natural-artificial, tactile-visual, and animal–human. Martin will show excerpts of her videos and discuss the specific dichotomy of the media, sculpture, and video. In addition, she will offer insight to her current studio work at ISCP.

International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) | 1040 Metropolitan Avenue | Brooklyn, New York 11211 |

01 January - 29 February 2012

ISCP | international studio & curatorial program | New York City

Katharina D. Martin was chosen to work in one of the studios of the ISCP New York. The ISCP strives to establish a global network of exemplary artists and curators and to provide them with support for producing new work. Tailored for professional growth, the program serves as an active mediator, creating visibility and immersion for its residents in New York City. ISCP’s programming hybrid is conceived to facilitate dialogue and collaboration. |

08 - 12 February 2012

in town during Art Rotterdam 2012 | PAVILJOEN ROTTERDAM #1

The Galleries Frank Taal, Iris Cornelis, Mirta Demare, Zic Zerp, Helder and Kap Pur show that they’ve got what it takes with 1300m2 of cutting edge contemporary art. This first PAVILJOEN ROTTERDAM sales exhibition is an extraordinary addition to Art Rotterdam 2012.

Free Admission | Open for the public: Thu 9 Feb 11:00-19:00 | Fri 10 Feb 11:00-21:00u | Sat 11 Feb 11:00-19:00 | Sun 12 Feb 11:00 – 17:00 | Laan Op Zuid 65 -207, 3072 DB Rotterdam, The Netherlands

25 June 2011 - 08 January 2012

SHE DEVIL 5 | MACRO Rome's Museum of Contemporary Art

Katharina D. Martin's work 'stick' presented in the V-tunnel of Rome's Museum of Contemporary Art.

She Devil is the latest all-female exhibition of video art that Studio Stefania Miscetti has been successfully producing for years. As in previous editions, the review includes numerous international curators and artists, the aim being to set up an open platform for new and different experiences. She Devil, the name of a Marvel comic hero and title of a famous 1989 film by Susan Seidelman, alludes playfully to the diabolical and bizarre spirit with which artistic experience explores and interacts with everyday life.

The videos focus on a female-oriented research and compare different research paths. The initiative aims to arouse, sometimes with humour and at times with realism, the collective consciousness on issues such as female identity, the body as a place of representation and meaning, and personal experience, which has a universal dimension even when it is the intimacy of artists that is brought to the foreground.

Katharina D. Martin (Germania, 1971), Stick (2008), presentato da Chiara Vigliotti
Katarzyna Kozyra (Polonia, 1963), Cheerleader (2006), presentato da Lydia Pribisova;
Jen DeNike (USA, 1971), Flag Girls (2007), presentato da Benedetta Carpi de Resmini;
Pilvi Takala (Finlandia, 1981), Real Snow White (2009), presentato da Dobrila Denegri;
Valerie LeBlanc (Canada), Walking on water (2009), presentato da Elena Giulia Rossi;
Kate Street (Gran Bretagna, 1979), Flowering (2010), presentato da Susanna Bianchini - Sybin;
Berni Searle (Sud Africa, 1964), Seeking Refuge (2008), presentato da Antonia Alampi;
Bahar Behbahani (Iran, 1973), Suspended (2007), presentato da Maria Garzia;
Janaina Tschäpe (Germania, 1973), Untitled/Scream (2004), presentato da Laura Giorgini;
Laurel Nakadate (USA, 1975), OOPS! (2000), presentato da Cristiana Perrella;
Janet Biggs (USA, 1959), Brightness All Around (2011), presentato da Manuela Pacella;
Nina Lassila (Helsinki, 1974), Woman with Knife? (2009), presentato da Maria Cristina Giusti;
Julika Rudelius (Germania, 1968), Dressage (2009), presentato da Caterina Iaquinta. |

10. September - 14. Oktober 2011

galerie IRIS CORNELIS presents
Katharina D. Martin | Skin-deep

The work of Katharina D. Martin reflects the essential questions of human existence. Martin links the body as one's natural and limited material to the idea of personal identity. With her Installations, objects and videos she creates connection to the architectural space, both enclosing and defining it.
In her solo exhibition Skin-deep Martin's works refer to the body as a living and dying material which has always been loaded with meaning. One's hair and skin is constantly growing and dies at the moment of separation. Here latex, hair and wax are the materials, which have been brought into form and thus silently, but visually unveil what is hidden.

Opening reception at Saturday 10. September 17.00 -19.00 hrs

galerie IRIS CORNELIS (Closed) | Jacobusstraat 211 | 3012 JM Rotterdam
Open Wed- Sat 12.00 - 18.00 hrs

26. January - 06. March 2011


‘Attraction of the opposites’ brings 11 professional and international galleries to co-exist under one roof. The project will be presented in the space of Artists Initiative CUCOSA in Rotterdam during 3 major events: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam en Rotterdamse Museumnacht.

The following galleries are invited to participate in the project with the following artists: ATM (New York, USA) with Tomoo Gokita / Bernice Steinbaum (Miami, USA) with Ricardo Zulueta / Bob Smit Gallery (Rotterdam, NL) with Birgit Verwer, Cindy Jansen and Rob van der Hoeven / Charlie Smith (London, UK) with Gavin Nolan and Alexis Milne /CUCOSA (Rotterdam, NL) with Dwight Marica, Wietse Eeken, Tonio de Roover, Arjen van Krieken and Toine Klaassen / Galerie Morgen (Berlin, DE) with Peter Buechler / HB Galerie (Rotterdam, NL) with Ruveanne Gerrissen, Mara Castilho and Jan Robert Leegte / Frank Taal (Rotterdam, NL) with Saminte Ekeland, Mike Ottink, Alexander van Merle and Rolf den Dunnen / galerie IRIS CORNELIS (Rotterdam, NL) with Katharina D. Martin and Sanne Luijben / Metis_NL (Amsterdam, NL) with Gil & Moti / Mirta Demare (Rotterdam, NL) with Hernan Marina

CUCOSA | Raampoortstraat 16 | 3032 AH Rotterdam |

30. January - 18. March 2011

Tetem kunstruimte presents - Schame
Katharina D. Martin and Oskar Ericsson Meulenbroek

‘I do have hair growing...’  en ‘When I sit on the toilet...’ zijn prikkelende begintitels van Katharina D. Martin’s lightbox installaties. De kleurrijke en schreeuwende neonletters onthullen de intiemste gedachten. Van de kunstenaar, van iemand anders of van iedereen? Martin’s humoresque statements geven voorbeelden van privégedachten die iedereen stiekem heeft, maar niet met de buitenwereld durft te delen. Hoe de titels van Martin’s installaties precies eindigen is te zien in de tentoonstelling.

Opening reception Sunday 30. January 16.00 hrs | Location at Dynamo Expo, H.B. Blijdensteinlaan 85 - 7523 BA Enschede

02. - 06. February 2011

Rundgang 2011 Academy of Fine Arts Münster / DE
Wed 02.02.2011, 19:00 Uhr - Su 06.02.2011, 20:00 Uhr

You are warmly invited to the annual overview exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts. The artstudents will present their work in the whole building. As Student in the class of Prof. Dr. Lili Fischer, Katharina D. Martin will participate in this show with her new works. The opening reception will take place in the foyer of the Academy at Wednesday the 02 February at 19.00.

Kunstakademie / Leonardo Campus 2 / D-48149 Münster

Sunday 31.Oktober 2010

Finissage with the launch of the artbook
QUEENDOM Katharina D. Martin' at the Galerie IRIS CORNELIS

Jonmar van Vlijmen and Katharina D. Maritin will present the art book QUEENDOM. This limited edition of 80 copies, has many full colour images. It includes texts and comments by: Marina Abramovic (Performance Artist), Dr. Marta Zarzycka (Assistent Prof. Gender Studies Utrecht), and Agnieszka Wolodzko (Rotterdam based philosophic writer). There will be also 2, exclusively for this book made, illustrations by artist Han Hoogerbrugge. Every single copy will have a cover with handmade patches of beatgold. The supporters and Benefactors of our project will recieve there personal copy, after that, there will be the chance to acquire the ownership of this unique book for 39,99 euro.

Open Wed- Sat 12.00 - 18.00 hrs. | Galerie Iris Cornelis (Closed) | Jocobusstraat 211 | 3012 JM Rotterdam

03. - 31.Oktober 2010

Galerie IRIS CORNELIS presents
Katharina D. Martin and Sanne Luijben

Katharina D. Martin - Forest time - video 20 min- installation - Forest time contens a personal aspect of the artist and tells a story about a lost feeling of childhood-play in the woods. At the finissage there will be the book launch of limited edition art book QUEENDOM by Katharina D. Martin & Jonmar van Vlijmen

opening Sunday 3. Oktober 15.00-20.00 hrs
finissage Sunday 31.Oktober 15.00 -18.00 hrs
Open Wed- Sat 12.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Jocobusstraat 211 / 3012 JM Rotterdam / +31 (0) 10 414 1979

15. May 2010

beautiful lies III
Museum Night in Warsaw

Agata Zbylut W sztuce marzenia sie spelniaja; ale nie wszystkim 10 maja 2010, godz. 18.00 Pienkne klamstwa III (Noc Muzeów) 15 maja 2010 roku, godz. 16.00-19.00 Ogrody BUW. A Performance event organised by the Galeria XX1 Warschau in Polen

10. December 2009 - 25 March 2010

Performance Studies
A Selection of Recent Performative Work
Developed at The Watermill Center

Works by: Maria José Arjona (Colombia) Katharina D. Martin (Germany, Holland) C. Ryder Cooley (USA) Robin Deacon (UK) H.E.R.D. Group (Ireland, South Korea) Steven Vega (USA) Implied Violence (USA) Katherina Radeva (Bulgaria) Klingon Terran Research Ensemble (Holland) Joshua Seidner (USA) Girlmachine—Carlos Soto / Charles Chemin Christian Wassmann / Luisa Gui (USA, France, Switzerland, Italy)

Closing Reception: Thursday, March 24, 2010 6:00PM–8:30PM | Watermill Brooklyn Gallery, 111 Front Street, Brooklyn, New York |

22. September - 04. October

Forest Time | Watermill Center
laboratory for performance founded by Robert Wilson

In a residency taking place September 22–October 4, the German-born, Rotterdam-based performance and video artist Katharina D. Martin takes advantage of the Watermill Center’s unique locale, in addition to its resources for interdisciplinary work. Entitled Forest Time, her project will entail her living, glamorously dressed throughout, in the woods surrounding the facility—and filming herself over the course of several
days. She will be fully attired like a Marilyn Monroe-esque female icon, with a fresh manicure, makeup, evening wear, and high heels. She will carry out traditionally feminine activities, in addition to acts of survival and play, while living outdoors at Watermill. As she inhabits this striking incongruity—dressed up in artifice in a natural environment—Martin will reveal the absurdity of classic signifiers of glamorous femininity. This event is an opportunity to see Martin's work-in-progress, captured via video, to the general public.

The Watermill Center was founded by Rober Wilson - Watermill Center

28. March - 16. May 2009

Ceci n'est pas une femme | Kunstsuper

Onderzoek naar de vrouwelijke identiteit loopt als rode draad door het werk van Katharina D. Martin. Ze gebruikt haar lichaam als beeldend materiaal. Ook voor haar objecten, waarin ze werkt met haar eigen haar, tranen, bloed en nagels. In de tentoonstelling Ceci n’est pas une femme presenteert Katharina D. Martin een selectie van performances en objecten uit de afgelopen vier jaar.

Frank Taal - Kunstsuper closed | Opening Zaterdag 28 maart 2009 om 16.00 uur | Openingswoord door Carolien van den Akker, kunsthistoricus |  Trendhebeer

01. April 2009

Pecha Cucha Night Rotterdam

The line up of this evening will be:
Brendan Cormier , Peter Leeuwerink, Stijn Peeters, Katharina D. Martin, Bas van der Schot, , Sil van der Woerd, Edith Kuyvenhoven, Bert Simons, Charlotte Kan, Alexander Zeh, Daan Markus, Jack Aleister, Gil & Moti Homegallery

In the Maassilo, at the Maashaven Zuidzijde 2 | 10th floor | 21.00 - 01.00 hrs.| entrance 7 euro

13. December 2008


Night of the 1000 Drawings Benefit 2008
Saturday, December 13th 3-8pm

38 Greene ST., 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10013

13. - 26. Oktober 2008

Las Palmas Rotterdam | LP II

Ruim dertig kunstenaars uit alle disciplines en windstreken vertonen hun werk, dat uiteen loopt van schilderijen, fotografie, muziek, dans en grafisch ontwerpen tot performances en audiovisuele middelen. ArtEvenue is een initiatief van het Regionaal Bureau Zelfstandigen, die hiermee het cultureel ondernemerschap wil bevorderen.

24. May 2008 1 -5 pm

Toine Horvers performance at the Enschede Cultuurmijl
Doorzicht (see through) performative installation
i.c.w.Katharina D. Martin

Doorzicht is a way of trying to make the Cultuurmijl, which is a long line through Enschede between north and south, a sort of transparent. The view on the line is broken by bends in the road, buildings, trees, etc. Two performers, connected by mobile phones, will describe the view from different points along the line. The first day (26.04.) was done by rotterdam artists Miriam Reeders and Gabrielle Barros Martins, this second day (24.05.) Toine Horvers will work in collaboration with performance artist Katharina D.
Martin. |

24. April - 18. May 2008

stylized acts | Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum Twente

With her performances, videoworks and objects Katharina D. Martin is tracing different forms of identity. One of her main topics is the research over female versions of existence. Her works have a strong personal aspect and giving at the time an important view on contemporary art. The body is one component of our self determination. So please do not be surprised when you find yourself close to one´s own body materials. Katharina D. Martin likes us to feel her work and leaves us in the same moment with different ideas of identity.

The opening reception will be held at Thursday the 24. April at 16.00
There will be taking place the Performance "Boxfight"

25. - 30. March 2008

Ertragen | Long Shots #15 | SUB URBAN VIDEO LOUNGE

installation & performance & video

The place in which the performance takes place is a big space whose ground is covered with worn garments. The gowns, skirts, blouses, sweaters, T-shirts, trousers etc. are folded carefully. Every folded up pile contains clothes for one combination. Katharina D. Martin and her performance partner (M. Bernsen) confront each other. They begin to unfold the garments and to put them on, one combination at a time. They observe each other briefly and then take off the clothes to throw them heedlessly on the ground. The performance ends when all things have been worn and untidily lie spread out in the room.

Botersloot 44A - 3011 HH Rotterdam (near Central Library)
Projections daily from 12h to 17h, except for mondays

26. - 27 November 2007

PAIR02 Poor Artists in Residence
International Performance Event at cultural center Taidepanimo, Lahti, Finland.

Selection of performers:
Arti Grabowski (POL), Artur Tajber (POL), Pekka Luhta (FIN), Sunniva Huglen (NO/SE), Stein Henningsen (NO), Stephanie K_Echeinberg (FR/BE), Julie Bacon (IR), Nina Boas (NL), Katri Kainulainen (FIN), Katharina D Martin (GER/NL), Tomasz Szrama (POL/FIN), Marek Pluciennik (POL/FIN), 3V & Larry Button (FIN), Lauri Luhta (FIN), DXXXA (FIN), Irma Optimisti (FIN), Pekka Kainulainen (FIN), Antti Laitinen (FIN), Tomas Kouba (POL/FIN), Keuhkot (FIN), Otzir Godot (FIN), Jaap Klevering (NL/FIN),Jozef Bury (POL/FR), Charlie Jeffery (FR), Skindrone (FIN), Dark President, Foundling and the Greenhouse Effect (FIN), Kevin Henderson (Scot)
Taidepanimo / Päijänteenkatu 11,/ 15140 Lahti / Finland

03. - 09. November 2007

de aanschouw | traveling under difficult conditions
performance week journey with Katharina D. Martin

Katharina D. Martin goes on a journey, close to the street where other traveler pass by. Her performances are purely situative events which cover a space time distance. | daily day at 17:00 | Galerie de Aanschouw / 80b Witte de Withstraat 80b / Rotterdam |

13. April - 25. May 2007

i.dentity I u.dentity I e.dentity I a.dentity
KOP kunstenaars ontmoetingsplaats

Personality is flexible. People and society are evolving continuously. Nowadays the development of your personality does not only depend on your upbringing, education and social culture. With the use of make-up, plastic surgery, personality training, self-help books, virtual worlds like "Second life" and virtual networks like "Hyves" every individual can put on an other personality like a new coat. Weaknesses can be modified assets can be magnified. Choice is available in abundance. Identity is exchangeable, now more than ever.  
curator: Miranda Kronenberg advisors: Camiel van Lenteren/Dennis Elbers

Opening reception will be held on Friday 13th of April from 20.00-00.00
Friday may 25th there will be a festive closure from 21.00-02.00.

01. December 2006 - 14. January 2007

Positioning System - whereareyou, iamhere,hereweare |
MAMA - showroom for media and moving art in Rotterdam

Positioning System - whereareyou, iamhere, hereweare - is een groepstentoonstelling van in 2006 afgestudeerde kunstenaars uit Nederland en Belgie. Om zichzelf te lokaliseren en positioneren tegenover hun historisch, sociaal en cultureel bepaalde omgeving, gebruiken zij een persoonlijk positioneringsysteem. Zij ervaren, registreren en infiltreren in de wereld om zich heen gebruik makend van diverse systematische methoden. Deze werkwijze is vergelijkbaar met GPS; het populaire systeem dat het mogelijk maakt als gebruiker je positie te bepalen en je weg te vinden in een immens landschap van mogelijke routes.

26. November - 24. December 2006

tentoonstelling in de nieuwe Vide ta Haarlem

This group exhibit consists of two parts. In the building there is a "white cube" where the artists there work present. At the same time little poetic interventions are carried outdoors on the surrounding area. The artists will leave a remaining piece of art in the public space.

15. - 21. December 2006

Avondfilm in the city of Nijmegen

Zodra de dagen donkerder worden en de nachten langer, kan het winkelende publiek in Nijmegen op straat weer genieten van (gratis) videokunst. Al drie opeenvolgende jaren worden in de gehele maand december op een groot scherm in de etalage van galerie "Bart Kunst in Huis" video´s geprojecteerd van veelbelovende videokunstenaars. De eerste keer gebeurde dat in samenwerking met Lazy Marie uit Utrecht, de laatste twee jaren met de Nijmeegse filmstichting Dziga, werkplaats voor filmmakers en videokunstenaars.

17. Juni - 16. July 2006

The seamstress | Het Torentje

Het bestuur van Stichtig Het Torentje heet u van haarte welcom op de opening van de installatie The seamstress van Katharina D. Martin op zaterdag 17 juni 2006. U wordt verwacht om 17 uur inleescafé De Meridiaan van de Openbare Bibliotheek Het Baken 2 te Almelo

A big apparently disordered heap of used white clothes is pressed against the inside of one of both shop-window discs, and takes from the inside a significant part of the space. Everything is to be found under these clothes: Women, men and child clothes, clothing as well as underwear. Beside the mountain in clothes only two white stools similar to base are in the space. On one there lie scissors, thimble, needle and black thread. On the the artist herself sits. She wears a red dress. She sews everything with the hand on eachother and makes big pricks them how stay on the clothes behind, like long scars. Bit by bit there originates a carpet made from clothes. On Thursdays, a normal weekday; in the daybreak she sits there. Sunday, the end of one week; late in the evening, if the day goes over to become night, she sits there again and sews. For the whole length of the Exhibitiontime of this performative installation a slow restacking, therefore a metamorphosis, is to be noted. Here is in skillful way the textile history of the town connected with an archetypal picture.

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