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Cluster of Excellence 'Image Knowledge Gestaltung' Humboldt University of Berlin

academia.edu profile Katharina D. Martin

Programme Moving Image at AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design Enschede

The Watermill Center NY residency

ISCP International Studio & Curatorial Program NYC residency

Publication Sohn/Radman: Critical and Clinical Cartographies (2017)

Publication transcript verlag: Innen Aussen Anders (2017)

Publication Debate Wijsgerig Festival Drift (2016)

Publicationa Katharina D. Martin: 'Ecologies of Coporeal Space' (2016)

Publication Attraction of the oposit (2013)

Artist book Katharina D. Martin QUEENDOM (2010)

Anieszka Anna Wolodzko: 'Body in beween' (2011)

Agnieszka Anna Wolodzko: 'Unspoken World of Humanity' (2011)

Agnieszka Anna Wolodzko:  'From a Location to a Idea of Relation' (2011)

Dr. Marta Zarzycka Ass.Prof. Utrecht University: 'A Loneley Female Figure' (2010)

RAM foundation Katharina D. Martin (2014)

TORCH gallery Girls rule the World (2013)

International conference Academy of Fine Arts Münster (2013)

Elisabetta Masala for Artribune 'She devil' in the MACRO IN Rome (2011)

Ludovica Palmieri for exibart.com  'She devil' in the MACRO in Rome (2011)

The East & Southampton Press "High heels and mascara in the forest" (2009)

The Watermill Center residency forest time event (2009)

A Selection of Performative Work Developed at The Watermill Center NYC (2009)

Trenbeheer Ceci n'est pas une femme - Katharina D. Martin @ Kunstsuper (2009)

De Wissel, Aanschouw Witte Withstraat 80 b (2007)

Tubantia ...in alle vroegte in Het Torentje in Alemelo (2006)

DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst Kunst in unserer Region (2005)